The Barcelona Roller Skating Tour believes skating is the most fun, relaxing and informative way to get to know and enjoy the beautiful city of Barcelona.

This company was born from our common passion for skating up and down in every corner of Barcelona. We are really proud to be the first skating company for tourists in Barcelona.

Skating is a sustainable activity offering no hazard to the environment, but most importantly it is an activity that everybody can enjoy: kids, adults, mommy and daddy.

All our guides are multilingual and handpicked for their excellent communications skills. They are well travelled and extremely knowledgeable of the city’s history, past and present.

With our great passion for skating and our deep experience of doing it in Barcelona, we want to bring you fun and excitement showing you the city from a different point of view, while always paying close attention to the client’s needs and safety.

Welcome to Barcelona! Welcome to Barcelona Roller Skating Tours!!