Where do I meet our guide?

At the metro station “Arc De Triomf” – Exit “Nápoles”. Your guide waits for you and brings you to pick up your roller skates.

In which languages are the tours available?

The tours are available in English, Spanish and Italian.

How long in advance should I book my tour?

The earliest possible – to assure availability. The Tour Manager will confirm your reservation within 24 hours.

What do we do, if it rains?

Most of the time the weather is great in Barcelona. If it rains a lot, we can wait, reschedule or even cancel if you wish.

How many people can be in my group?

We want you to feel comfortable and safe, we think that maximum six people per guide is the best option.

When and how do I pay for the tour?

Relax, enjoy, you can pay for your tour when we return the roller skates; payment in cash is requested.

What is the recommendable age?

We suggest you bring kids from 10 years on. However, if your kid is younger and he can already roller skate, we are more than happy to take him/her with us!

Can I rent roller skates for more time after the tour?

Of course! Our partner is always pleased to rent you roller skates whenever you need.